Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Here I am

This isn't something that I ever thought I would do. But then, after much loving persuasion from my dearest friend Christie, here I am. I've created a Blog. It may take me a few posts to really get the hang of it so your responses would be greatly appreciated.

This is a new world for me...Internet diaries --my thoughts and prayers out there for anyone to see. I can't lie, it's a bit intimidating but I've been so encouraged by reading other blogs that I knew I needed to join the community. So often I get busy doing things that, even though I'm interacting with people all day, I feel a lack of depth; a lack of challenging thoughts; a lack of connection. I don't want to put all of the pressure on Blogspot to fill those voids but I do see the possibility to connect with people I would never have encountered before. Though the internet certainly has it's downfalls, within the community of bloggers I have been reading I have witnessed the presence of God. I have witnessed a sharing of ideas, a challenge of thoughts, an accountability of actions all posted with love and respect. I have, no doubt, witnessed a true Christian community.

So as I enter this uncharted (at least for me) territory I am excited to meet new people, share new ideas, and glean wisdom from those I connect with.

So with that said....here I am.


Blogger Christie said...

Be challenged, encouraged and loved dear sister. I am excited to have access to whats on going on in your heart and your mind here.


12:33 PM  
Anonymous Lara said...

Hey... clicked here through Christie's blog and see that you're new here. :)

Welcome to the world of internet "blogging". :)

12:12 AM  
Blogger Julana said...

Welcome, Shayes. :-)
I think you're going to enjoy it.

(I read Hugh Hewitt's book Blog and Rebecca Blood's Weblog Handbook when I first started, and found them helpful. Although Hewitt gives you grandiose ideas. :-)

9:53 AM  
Blogger sabbath day's journey said...

Sweet Sarah! It's good to have you here. I'm so looking forward to reading your blog. Good for you for taking that first step. Look! Already you have this little community of folks around you. How wonderful is that? Umph!


11:40 AM  

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